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Very high percentages of winners from just a few starting stalls.

the u.k.'s best draw advantage advice based entirely on results of past horse races.

This is the only horse racing draw advantage advice that shows the patterns produced by winning starting stall numbers.
Using this presentation, all the horse race draw results of several seasons can be seen, showing you
EXACTLY which starting stalls have produced the winners and under what conditions.

horse racing information of the highest quality.

An in-depth analysis of every U.K. racecourse, Turf + All Weather

Turf 10 seasons   1997 - 2006

The video below shows how to use the Draw Advantage charts, with examples.
To skip the intro and go straight to the charts presentation, click the timeline to go to between 4 and 5 minutes in the video.


Follow the advice provided below each chart, or use the information to form your own opinion.

No other draw advantage advice provides such detailed analysis.

Many of the high percentage draw advantage patterns shown here go largely un-noticed in the sporting press, and therefore could give an invaluable advantage.

Give yourself an edge every flat season with well drawn horses.

Draw Advantages are  a very grey area   and are certainly an untapped source of vital racing information.

Look at results correctly, and draw advantages can work for you.


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